“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia

What’s It All About?

At the core of this website is the belief that change and growth are a natural part of life, that  nature is always seeking to evolve to a higher level of existence. Being part of nature ourselves, our systems instinctively have the drive to evolve. Whether we consciously set out to become better or happier people, life tends to give us  situations that demand we grow in one way or another. By accepting the good the bad and the ugly as part of the process we can actually learn to appreciate the ride and make the very best of it. This website seeks to explore ideas, tools and techniques  to help you enjoy the self discovery that happens as a natural by-product of living. You will find courses for both professional and personal growth. There will be articles, links to other helpful sites, as well as regular updates and tips on how to deal with conflict and stress by easily becoming more self- reflective, proactive and inspired by this journey you’re on.

Why Polarity Therapy and Intuition?

While the terms Polarity Therapy and Intuition are not usually seen together, in my particular experiences they have proven to be mutually beneficial to each other, each enhancing the depth and benefit of the other in a beautifully synergistic manner. Polarity Therapy is  anchored in very practical wisdom  that embraces the evolution towards self insight, personal honesty and self acceptance. Intuition is a tool that both helps this evolution and is enhanced by this evolution.

In this site there are tools to experiment with and structures with which  to support a  natural and healthy  habit of self-reflection. You’ ll find articles  and book lists that will give your mind the chance to think outside the box and generate some new perspectives with which to view old situations. Everything is meant to inspire, simplify, be user friendly and hopefully sometimes even fun. This site is designed to help you find the kind of internal freedom that helps you navigate the currents of your own life, in your own unique way, at your on pace.

Polarity Therapy is based on the idea of  Health Building. It does not view illness, upsets, or supposed shortcomings as things to be fixed, but rather as opportunities to grow beyond who we have become. This is about exploring and growing, not fixing.

Why Bother?

I have noticed a simple truth in my own life. The more kindly I feel towards myself, the more kindly I act towards others. The more loving I am towards myself, the more honest I am  about the things I’m most afraid of in myself. The more honest I am about myself, the more insightful I am about me, others and  life in general . The more insightful I am the more alive,  hopeful,  fulfilled and connected I am. The more connected I am to and the more and aware I am to the process of living and exploring, the more interesting life is. The more interesting life is, the happier I am. The happier I am the kinder I am. The kinder I am, the kinder people are to me. It’s all win/win.

As the quote above reminds us, a simple kindness can turn a day around. We have all had it done for us through someone else’s  random act of kindness. We have all seen the effect of it on someone  who receives it from us, and that feels equally good. I like those moments in life and I’d like to take part in more of them. I’d like those kinds of moments to be “the norm”.  They make me feel good.  Good feelings tend to perpetuate more good feelings and I pretty sure that we could all stand to have more good feelings.

As you read the different information offered,  you will come to see why it’s good to bother, from the effect of thoughts on  neural pathways to the effect on the hormones that regulate all body systems.  Believe me, as you read, you will see that there is always a payoff to feeling as genuinely good as possible. You could also find that it might just be easier than you think.

How To Navigate This Site

Please explore the different subjects and if you feel inclined, sign up to be notified as new articles are posted and as new classes are offered. Some of the classes will be taught on line so distance will not be an issue,and private tutorial through Skype can also be arranged. For those within the Polarity Therapy Community, take note that the private tutorials offered can most likely be applied to the CEU credits necessary for certification  renewal. This is presently in the works. For those of you not in the polarity community, the Intuition Courses can be tailored to fit your particular focus, be it private or professionally oriented. There are also tailor made courses on Polarity Therapy so that practitioners of other modalities can easily integrate some very powerful aspects of the work into their existing skill base. Check out the tab on Classes and Workshops for more detailed information.

Please feel free to contact me with feedback, questions, and suggested future topics.





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