The Power of Words

Words as energetic anchors

Words are energy. Because energy is magnetic  it attracts to itself energy of the same vibrational frequency. Because of this, the words we use both in speech and internal dialogue  are  powerful in determining what we attract to us and what we experience in our world.

Another reason that words have a powerful affect on our state of well being is that they carry with them anchors into belief systems and states of mind which are activated by their use. Words activate our sense perceptions in an almost holographic way. When we think or say a word or phrase  we have a complete mind/body experience or reaction to it. Included in that experience  will be who we learned if from, the philosophy or dogma it supports, the quality of the relationship that was represented by the person or institution associated with it and the implied value, criticism or limitation we interpreted from that in relation to ourselves. Most of this happens at a subconscious level, but whether or not we are aware of them, these layers are all present in relation to the words we use.

Many of the words in our daily vocabulary are not so much selected as they are part of habitual speech patterns. We often don’t question how they  make us feel, how they define our own or others’ potential or how they determine the most likely outcomes. We know it has been scientifically proven that people will usually succeed to the degree that they have expect of themselves. If we continually use language which is based in limitation, negativity, conflict and devaluation, then we are in fact reinforcing those expectation by reinforcing all of the social/cultural/religious conditioning we have accepted as fact and which are represented by those words and that language. By simply changing the words, by consciously choosing the ones we use and how we use them, we  create space around the unconscious beliefs they elicit. We will often have the empowering experience of recognizing their source and choosing immediate release of them as they are not in resonance with who we really are or who we desire to be.

Words and Chakras

Words carry vibrations which resonate with certain energy centers located in and around the body. These centers are typically referred to by by their Sanskrit name, chakras. The ancient Yogis and spiritual masters knew this and thus the use of mantras (translated in English to “mind openers”) was developed. Mantras work on vibration in a twofold way. The phrases were designed to access the conscious mind with thoughts of greater awareness and create the image or affirmation of a higher self. This has the ability  to pull people out of predetermined expectations rooted in their personalities/egos into a deeper self- awareness. The vibrations of the word itself actually activates the higher chakras and brain functions  through  resonance that the words of the mantra carry. These chakras are associated with spiritual awareness. Using words that activate them help develop and  a conscious awareness of that higher state. Since what you focus on magnifies, keeping the focus alive with mantras and reflection tends to amplify the effect of this vibration in the body/mind. Needless to say, the more self reflective we are and the more we believe that our lives are about spiritual evolution, the more personal power, choice and confidence we will have. This in turn will affect how we interact with the world, and what we attract to us.  In general it will encourage our ability to live in a  creative and positive manner, with all of the subsequent benefits of that attitude.

Chakras, Body Chemistry, and Words

Chakras are literally centers of spinning energy that have been charted in many ancient cultures and can now be scientifically located and measured. Physiologically they are  located over the major nerve plexi and endocrine glands and are directly related to the functioning of the endocrine system. How does an energy vortex affect the chemistry of the body? Emotions (energy felt in the body), affect the vitality of the chakras.  Words both expressed and thought transmit emotion both conscious and unconscious. Emotions affect the functioning of the chakras. The chakras regulate the production and release of hormones via the endocrine system.  The hormones regulate all systems in the body, both physically and psychologically.

Attitude and The Pineal Gland

When we use words which deny the aspect of self that is based in Love and Oneness, we contract the crown chakra. This in turn restricts the intake of the vital “primary energy”. Primary energy is the pure energy which is then transformed into different frequencies by the various chakras. Restricting  the  crown chakra also restricts access to higher awareness, intuition, creativity. We also deregulate hormonal flow which is functionally affected by this vibration through the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands. But even beyond the concept of mantra or positive expanded thought, we must look at the effect of the specifically negative and limiting thoughts. Anger, depression, conflict, criticism, judgement  not only can restrict the release of “good” chemicals in the body but can also stimulate the release of “bad”chemicals  into the body. Remember, we experience physiological sensation. This is caused by chemical release into the system through the glands which are affected by thought vibration via the chakra system.

In my next installment, we’ll look at practical ways we can use words and language to make ourselves happier, healthier and more aware. Stay tuned!


© Lynn Walden 2011

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